This is the best time to travel to Japan, you already know? let's go

 Vacationing abroad is very fun. Moreover, on vacation to the favorite countries of tourists, Japan is one of them. It is common knowledge that Japan is indeed very interesting, both from its tourist destinations to its culinary delights.

If you are planning a vacation to Japan, pay attention to the month when you visit. Different months, different views. So that you don't choose the wrong time to visit, check out the information on the best time to visit Japan below! 

1. Best time to visit Japan overall

The northern and southern regions of Japan can be said to be very different. However, overall, if you want to avoid the snow season, come in March-May and September-November. In these months, the rain tends to be rare, the sky is clear, and the temperature is not too extreme. There will be many festivals during summer in Japan.

tourism in japan

For example like fireworks and beer festivals. Meanwhile, in winter, you can visit the onsen or try snowboarding and ski jumping. If you want to hunt for the sights in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, come to Tokyo and Kyoto in late March to early April. Try not to be late, because all the cherry blossoms might have fallen. 

2. Best time to go to Japan if you want to save money


Want to travel around Japan but are still constrained by the budget? Come when Japan is empty of tourists. Usually, there is a decrease in the number of tourists in mid-January to March. This means that there will be many promos for flight tickets, hotels, and tourist entrance tickets. 

3. Best time to visit Disneyland

If you want to visit amusement rides like Tokyo Disneyland, it's best to come in spring and fall. While enjoying the exciting rides, you can enjoy the view of the blooming cherry blossoms. 
Disneyland - Tokyo

Avoid visiting Disneyland during national holidays, because it will be very crowded. Especially during Golden Week, which is from April 29 to early May. Guaranteed you can't freely walk around in those weeks because it's really full.

4. Best time for foodies to visit Japan

Culinary japan food

Almost all Japanese specialties will be available in all seasons. However, there are also some dishes that only appear in certain seasons. You can adjust your arrival according to the season. Try somen or kakigori in summer, as they refresh the throat. For autumn, you can try matsutake mushrooms or Japanese-style sweet potatoes. In winter, you really have to try the hot pot nabe and candied peach. Meanwhile, in spring, there are mochi sakura, takenoko, and pomfret cooked in Japanese style.

5. Worst time to visit Japan

Kyoto golden paviliun

Weather in Japan can not be the same in all regions. Different regions, different weather. It could be that the weather in one area could be very good, but in another it could be very bad. However, if you are going to Tokyo and the rest of Japan, except Okinawa, avoid visiting from June to mid-July. In these months, it will rain every day. Meanwhile, in that month, the weather in Hokkaido and Okinawa will be very sunny. In addition, Tokyo and Kyoto will be humid and hot from July to August. That's the best time for an exciting vacation to Japan. You will find beautiful destinations at the right time in Sakura Country. How about you, do you have an idea where and when?